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Honey & Ghee exports

Honey is a natural product that has no substitute. It is defined as a sweet liquid prepared by honey bees from nectars of plants. India has been known as ‘land of honey.’ Since centuries, honey is used to treat a variety of ailments through a wide range of applications. Despite the simplicity of technology and its tremendous advantages as well as its potential of providing employment, honey production has not realised its full potential.

The per capita consumption of honey in India is just 8 grams, whereas in Germany it is 1800 grams. About sixteen lakh people are directly or indirectly engaged in the bee keeping and allied activities.Bihar and West Bengal. However, Quality honey reportedly comes mainly from the states of Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh.

Honey is used as the substitute of the sugar and also used as medicine to cure many ailments. The benefits of honey go ahead of its great taste. Earlier, involving yourself into beekeeping was just a time pass hobby but now since past few years beekeeping has become a very fruitful business. Beekeeping is done to collect large amount of honey and beeswax and then the collected honey and beeswax is sold in market or exported through out the world. It is such an easy kind of business which is within anybody’s capabilities.

Experienced skilled beekeepers become the leading prominent honey exporters. When your beekeeping business is rising and you are able to collect tons of pure honey, you are then ready to export the honey to different parts of the world where there is high demand of honey and beeswax. Many beekeepers are running their honey export companies. Modern methods are implied to keep the bees and bee colonies in a managed way, to maintain artificial hives and to ensure that honey is collected in hygienic conditions. Modern day equipments are used in collecting and processing honey.

Ghee is clarified butter used in Indian, Greek, Middle Eastern cooking. It has a long shelf life. It can be used in place of butter and is used in Indian, Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine. Ghee has been used in Indian cooking for many thousands of years. It is popular with gourmets, chefs and with the health conscious cooks. Contains no hydrogenated oils Will never burn in your cooking pan like oil or butter does 100% natural.

We are distinctly reckoned amongst most trusted Ghee Exporters and suppliers. A part of every household, ghee has rich aroma and contains essential nutrients in pure form. add a spoonful to your dishes and savour it like never before. The goodness is promised in every delicacy you prepare at home. Pure Ghee have been prepared from pure butter extracted from milk. Our ghee contains 99.8% of fat.

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